Never the Bride

A surprise Christmas present from my mum. I was a bit taken aback by the title, but it’s been a jolly good read.

Never the Bride (by Paul Magrs) is the first of a series of books about “The Adventures of Brenda and Effie”—OAP investigators of the supernatural in Whitby, which plays host to all sort of creepy goings on.  It’s written in a dry, matter-of-fact style, which is good fun. In additional to the supernatural, witchcraft there is a good dose of Sci-Fi, all mixed up with ‘B’ movie melodrama. There are five, chapters each telling a separate sub-story, all quite different. Light reading, but good enough to  have a go at book two!

I liked Jessie, the regressive waitress who says ‘Gloop‘!

Never the Bride
Never the Bride; Paul Magrs


But it wasn’t like Effie to resort to hyperbole. I waited until Jessie and our afternoon tea arrived and then I could properly stare at her.
And it was true! Where were her deeply etched wrinkles? Where was her scraggy chicken neck?
‘Ladies!’ She ginned. ‘How lovely to see you.’
Where was her surliness, her migrainey frown?
What on earth has happened to you?’ Effie demanded crisply,
Jessie shook out her golden (golden!) perm and treated us to a dazzling (dazzling!) grin. ‘Ladies…’ she announced. ‘I have had a make-over’.

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