Go Ape with the family

We met up with Christine, Adam, Jessica, Lewis, Gemma, Tony, Hannah, Colin and Christine at Go Ape in Wendover  Woods for a scorching day in the trees. We met up for lunch at the Cafe in the Woods, and then had our course booked for 1:30.  Our instructor, Tristan, was good fun and ran us through the safety quickly. We had seven up the trees, and four participating on the ground, so quite a large group of us heading around the course.

The three children did really well and were very brave. The last stage of the course is pretty high and gave me vertigo, as it was right next to an open space above a road! The long, fast zip-wire out made up for it. The day was a scorcher and it was so nice to me met by Gemma with a bottle of water and some simmel cake. The most difficult parts of the course was the Tarzan swing on stage 4. Lewis took some persuading, but got a real ruch from making it over! Here’s Michael scrambling up the net, with our ground participants cheering us on. Ook!

The course seemed better fun than our previous Go Ape in Thetford.