Tweets this Week (2011-06-26)

  • Not sure about this Blackberry thing at all! #
  • Having a pint of Whakatu in the gaudily lit Ostrich. The barman didn't believe my NZ pronunciation! #
  • #
  • Tonight Sharp's Doom Bar at the Portwall Tavern: quiet! #
  • The Golden Guinea is pretty mellow and stylish. Last night there was an Irish folk group and the place was empty: tonight busy and no band #
  • I like the new portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip by Struth – #
  • Been to an introductory Ashtanga Yoga class: excellent fun and a lovely teacher,Wale. More fun than Iyegar too. #
  • Lovely evening for a stroll #
  • Oops, I'm back in the Ostrich
    Inn ūüôā #
  • Orienteering on teambuilding day. #
  • Finished orienteering, now ravenous: next activity axe throwing, then lunch #

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Tweets this Week (2011-06-19)

  • All moved in to new flat in Bristol. It's very bare. Ikea here I come, also need lunch. #
  • First bit of furniture construction completed: that's the essentials covered #
  • Sunset over Bristol. Finally having my meal now, most of the hard work is done. #
  • On way back to Cambridge: stopped for a Waitrose Mango Sorbet lolly. Very refreshing! #
  • My first time in the new Cambridge Library: it's packed with people, impressive! #
  • Yum, lovely sushi lunch from the new sushi takeaway in Burleigh Street #
  • Michael and I had a great meal at 7 Days in Regent Street. Interesting menu and lovely sea bass #
  • Lovely to see Iarla for a cup of tea. On our way to Dalham Beer festival now. Weather is a bit grim. #
  • Stopped for coffee in the lovely shabby-chic courtyard, of the Rutland Arms. (I'm at Rutland Arms Hotel) #

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Dalham Beer Festival

Train to Newmarket and taxi to Dalham for the beer festival at the Affleck Arms. Grim, dark skies and thunder as we ordered our first pints in the marquee, so Thunderbird for me from Birds Brewery of Bromsgrove.

Michael started with an Iceberg from Titanic Brewery of Stafford.
We had a short walk around the village in the pouring rain, very pretty with thatched cottages built with flint and with lovely gardens. Met Jon at the end of our walk and had a tour round his thatched cottage and killer staircases.

Back to the beer tent for a pint of Mary Jane (Ikley Brewery of Yorkshire) and a Coopers’ WPA from Wickwar Brewing of Gloucestershire. Both lovely and in good condition. The Mary Jane strongly hoppy with Amarillo hops. I moved onto the Dark Cherry Mild, which I must have sold a couple of dozen pints off at the Cambridge Beer Festival earlier in the month.

Vit, Jay and Jon arrived, with two friends from London, and not long after the B4’s started playing very loudly. The first half of their set involved a lot of dressing up, wigs and audience interaction sll with with great energy. The second half was a bit more relaxed and instrumental, with some good Queen tribute numbers.

Jay arranged a taxi home to Cambridge at midnight. Good night in Dalham. I suspect the village will be a bit quieter this evening.

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Mary Ann in Autumn

An enjoyable trip down memory (Barabary) Lane from Armistead Maupin. All the old characters from the earlier Tales of the City are still there, somewhat jarringly brought into the new millennium, with Facebook, iPhones and what not. They have aged of course, which is done in a  sweet way.

The plot is a little contrived at the end, but good fun and a good read.

Tweets this Week (2011-06-12)

  • Two pints of Otter at the Free Press and I feel legless. Need to practice more! #
  • Oh no! 2.5 pints in and lots left to go. This may be a liver-wrecking evening and week. Still, lovely to sit in the garden of the Blue. #
  • Great to have a couple of hours with @robeagling and a few beers in the sun. Thanks Rob. #
  • What's the history of this "Roll on Blank Tapes" shop at the bottom of Gwydir Street? #
  • who killed bambi? – The anatomical sleeping bag #
  • Check up at the Dentist: not my favourite start to the day. #
  • Today's my last day at the RSC after 17 years! Office is covered with photos of me: thankfully nothing too shaming! #
  • Emotional send off this evening saying goodbye to close colleagues. I'm lucky to have had such lovely people to work with. #
  • I've woken up feeling refreshed after Chris' party, which makes a change. #
  • World Naked Bike ride featured on front page of Time Out App. I have my bike, now how's the weather!? #
  • Sheltering from the showers in Lauderdale House Caf√© in Highgate. It's pretty chilly…. I hope it warms up. (I'm at The Lauderdale) #
  • Starting a tour of Highgate Old Cemetry. #
  • Our tour of Highgate Old Cemetery was fantastic. Steven did a super breakneck round up of names and symbolism. #
  • Cycled 6 miles in 2 hours through central London and a sea of cameraphones on World Naked Bike Ride. Great fun. #

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Tweets this Week (2011-06-05)

  • Having a drink with Pardha at The Granta: gorgeous evening. Had a swim in the river too! #
  • Platitude of The Day – Right Awful Anne Atkins – Agonising Aunt and Vicar's Wife #
  • Great Dosa and Thali at Diwana. (I'm at diwani bhel puri house) #
  • I'm at Bree Louise, Euston: #
  • Not sure where we've woken up, but very glad of the cup of tea and (single) shortbread finger on Caledonian Express #
  • Think we're at Motherwell. #
  • End of a great weekend in Glasgow for my mum's 70th birthday. Heading back into town for the sleeper back to London #

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