Tweets this Week (2011-10-30)

  • Six rums on the Free Press tasting table. I know nothing about rum. Tasting is being Led by Jim from Bacchanalia. #
  • No open bottles yet, a bit frustrating! 🙂 #
  • Yum, enjoyed the Matusalem 10 year old Classico solera rum. Followed with a 8 year old Bacardi, blurgh! #
  • The driver is rebooting the train computer: it's really quiet with the train turned off. #
  • I'm at the Churchill Arms in Kensington: great atmosphere and good Thai menu. #
  • Voice Control on my iPhone has changed gender. Threw me briefly. I guess that's the Siri effect, except I don't have Siri on my phone. #
  • uploaded a picture of Churchill Arms on Qype: #
  • This will do nicely! (I'm at Bicester Country Club) #
  • Mound by Allison Schulnik. Stylish and just a bit disturbing. #
  • finished The Unicorn Crisis (The Hidden Academy) by Jon Rosenberg #Kindle #
  • Catherine Pepinster, editor of the Catholic newspaper, The Tablet #
  • Nice pint of Maple Moon (I'm at Red Cow Inn) #
  • Missed the 20:30 train to Bristol. Waiting the hour till the next train at the Mad Bishop and Bear: not bad pub and good beer. #

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Dinner with Nuala, Joel and Ethan

A stroke of luck that Nuala and Joel were in London this weekend. We met up for dinner at the Satay House Malaysian restaurant a few mins walk from Paddington. We had a great meal, lovely beef goreng, and fish in a tamarind, chilli and aubergine sauce, and something with king prawns and lime leaves. Friendly staff and Ethan had a great time with his mango juice and Malaysian omelette.


It’s a rum do

Home in Cambridge for one night midweek between a trip to Trieste and a conference in London. Michael managed to squeeze in a rum tasting for us at the Free Press, organised by Jim and Ed from Bacchanalia.

I know little about rum, so Jim’s intro was good: pot stilled have more flavour but can be less clean than the column stilled. Tonight’s tasting was sipping rather than naval rums and we were going to try a couple of solera rums.

  1. Rouge Dark Rum from Oregon
  2. Reserve Rum of Nicaragua 1998 Bristol Classic Rum
  3. Ron Matusalem 10 Classico. £27, solera.
  4. Bacardi 8 year old rum
  5. Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera, from Venezuela, £41

Both the solera rums came out favourites, with more rounded flavours. I liked the Matusalem which was sweeter, mellow with lots of vanilla. It had a hint of Ron Miel which was warming and familiar. I also liked the more refined and complex Santa Teresa: gingery. Bacardi 8 year old seemed a bit vulcanised and sulfrous. The Rogue rum was young with powerful ethanol on the nose, so reminded me of gin or vodka. Going back to that later was fine but it was a bit hard going as the first rum of the evening.

Much of the money from the event (about £15 of the £20 entrance fee) was donated to Cancer Research UK. Well done Craig and Ed.



A Group Photo from Craig

Tweets this Week (2011-10-23)

  • Bristol Festival of Ideas: to hear Lisa Randall lecture about the latest research in Physics: Knocking on Heavens Door #
  • Lisa Randall was v impressive: she covered 70 orders of magnitude in scale in her introduction. #
  • Start the Week: God and science with the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Richard Dawkins and Lisa Randall #
  • finished To the Devil – a Diva! by Paul Magrs #Kindle #
  • Dinner last night with 5 colleagues, my boss and two consultants: discovered I was the oldest person at the table. Better get used to it! #
  • Good night of snooker at the Clifton Club with Josh. Full size tables and 7ft cues. #
  • I love Bristol in the evening, there's such a good atmosphere. #
  • Out to explore Redlands and Cotham. More potential places to live in Bristol. Chilly day, hope there are lots of cafés on the way. #
  • The Reblochon for this evening is starting to look good! Yum, thanks Bryan and Greg! #
  • Excited: Tilda Swinton in "We need to talk about Kevin" at the Watershed. She's amazing. #
  • We need to talk about Kevin" was disturbing and powerful. Cinema was silent, for good reason. #
  • Having a pint of fiery 'Gingerbeard' at the Water Poet in Gloucester. Train to Bristol in 45 mins. Great walk today in the Forest of Dean #
  • Geo Map at the Forest of Dean walk today with Outdoor Lads. Very good fun. #

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Tweets this Week (2011-10-16)

  • Flight to Frankfurt cancelled. I leave at 6:25 tomorrow morning instead. Expedia were very good at sorting a new flight for me. #
  • Exhausted after only a day and a half at Frankfurt Book Fair: intense. I'm not alone and thankfully I didn't dance till 5am. #
  • We're not recommending Ale de Cologne or Buntingford October. Maybe it's too early for beer! 🙂 #
  • Beer is improving as toothpaste is washed from palates. Still not great though. Moving to German beer next. #
  • Queueing to vote for the Election of the Chancellor. Time to wear a a gown—not done that for years. #
  • After the arduous voting, free tea and cake. How civilised. #
  • Congrats Adam and Jacqueline: lovely wedding party at Anstey Hall, Trumpington. Enjoyed some wedding cake with tea after the cycle back. #

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Tweets this Week (2011-10-09)

  • Not used to cooking for one—made enough sprouts to feed two generously. Help! #
  • Interesting comments from the USA following Cameron's support of gay marriage. #
  • Bridge lessons continue: back to basics is great. I'm learning so much that will be a very solid foundation. #
  • Meeting Michael for an after work pint at the Cornubia. How civilised. An 'autumn ale' is a new one on me—tasty. #
  • Didn't sit outside for long! Bbbrrrr! Inside the Cornubia. #
  • This book is really corny, but made me cackle out loud. #Kindle #
  • Well, that's put me of Sole Veronique, whatever that is. #Kindle #
  • We're off to explore Totterdown, up on the hill South of Bedminster. I have images of women in high heels… #
  • Pretty steep in Vale Street #
  • Enjoyed a little wander through the bosques and paths of Arnos Vale Cemetry. #

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Tweets this Week (2011-10-02)

  • Platitude of the Day: Rev Dr Dr Prof David Wilkinson, Principal of St John's College Durham #
  • Fun drink at The Merchant with my bridge teacher. First class went well—he has a tough job though! It's a steep learning curve. #
  • Bed to train in <18 minutes. That's a record I don't want to break any time soon. And I managed to put the bins out! #
  • A single on the underground now cost £4 peak! #
  • My first time to IMechE, grand! #
  • Eight trips to the charity shops: books, DVDs etc. Not bad for a morning. Sad to see it all go, but pleased too. #
  • Spring cleaning is on hold while we drink wine and swim by the river. Gorgeous day! #
  • Tasting East Anglian and Hungarian (Chapel Hill) Pinot Noir. Boudicca is meaty and should be OK with BBQ. 29.2°C! #
  • Platitude of The Day – Rev Dr Giles Fraser, Grumpy Canon Chancellor of St Paul's Cathedral #
  • News of the 29.2°C weather in Csmbridge #
  • So glad to be back at the ADC Theatre. How I've missed it. The barman commented on our absence 🙂 Here to see "The Real Dracula". #
  • finished The Bride That Time Forgot by Paul Magrs #Kindle #
  • Great day at the Riverbank Club with Bryan and Greg. Managed a quick BBQ in the sunset and still warm enough to sit out after dark. Super. #

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