Tweets this Week (2012-01-29)

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This week might be busy

Turin airport was packed at baggage reclaim. There must have been ten or so flights in there. I’m wondering how busy the resorts will be or whether Sunday is a busier day to arrive than the Saturday when we came before?

Our baggage carousel was next to the ‘oversized items’ collection point that was overwhelmed with people collecting skis and boards. When the belt stopped, they overflowed over the belt until, inevitably, it started again! No drama though.

We’re in our way to Serre Chevalier now, with Adam, Vit and Jay. I managed to resist taking a photo of the three of them asleep in a row during the flight.

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Location:Venaria Reale,Italy

Dinner could have gone better…

We’re staying at the Stansted Radisson tonight, and our bad day got worse.

I sent back their two attempts at a dry gin martini: the first was rather watery and not dry, the second was warm and they seem to have forgotten the gin! I moved on to wine as a safer bet, but what was in my glass was Pinot Grigio, not Sauvingnon Blanc. A trip to the bar to finally, on my fourth attempt, get a drink I was happy with. Phew. It was a decent Chilean Sauvignon too.

Then Michael’s Tofu Caesar Salad was brought to the table: it was a cross between a Caesar Salad and coleslaw: limp and wet with a fishy tang. Gggrrrr!

The duty manager gave us a complimentary meal.

On the plus side the staff were nice, chiabatta was great and the lemon verbena body lotion in the room is fantastic: probably good enough to eat!

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Location:Gorefield Rd,,United Kingdom