Tweets this Week (2012-03-11)

  • Cardinal Keith O'Brien Presents the February Clemmies #
  • I'm getting train back from Meadowhall (confusing interchange station) and Michael's driving over to Cambridge. #
  • Great fountain outside the station at Sheffield #
  • Hardly anyone notices the electronic seat reservations. I much prefer the paper ticket system. #
  • Lovely message from Lionel Blue: worth listening to the end #
  • Interesting tidal effect on the Titanic disaster. #
  • I feel a bit silly, but I don't want to get my umbrella wet in the rain. #
  • I just got for free: 'The Night Climbers of Cambridge' by Whipplesnaith for Kindle. Thanks @oleanderman for generosity #
  • Lovely article from Beatrix Campbell in the Guardian brought a tear to my eye. #
  • Good views from the Cabot Tower, but so busy up there. #
  • Keep Cal… #
  • No chance of a glimpse of Wales from Clevedon today: we can barely see the rocks through the mist. #
  • Finished "My Night with Reg" by Kevin Elyot for this months Book Group in Bristol. I'd like to see it in stage now. #

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