Tweets this Week (2012-04-29)

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Tweets this Week (2012-04-22)

  • Still amazed that a peak rate return to London with travelcard for underground is £185. #
  • Good evening at the Barley Mow behind Temple Meads with David. Four half pints for £5 at their beer festival. #
  • Has a new shiny BlackBerry Playbook that was too cheap not too buy. It's impressive. Now less tempted by iPad 🙂 #
  • Running out of steam 8/10 pubs done. Best beer so far at the Volunteer #
  • I feel surprisingly fine after our pub crawl around 10 pubs yesterday. Daytime boozing into too bad. #
  • Outside our local supermarket—but not quite a Banksy! #

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CAMRA Tour of Bristol Pubs

On a Bristol CAMRA beer tour of newly reopened pubs today, as part of CAMRA’s community pubs week. We’re leaving the Cornubia at 11.30am and visiting the following pubs:

White Hart, Bitton
The White Hart: Nice half pint of London Pride. The pub closed three years ago and recently reopened. It’s the only pub in Bittern. Good value food menu but it wasn’t lunch time.

Tennis Court Inn , Kingswood
Tennis Court, an unknown for the group, not even sure of it having real ale. Mermaid and Funky Monkey Milk Street Brewery. Nice local in a big building. Good atmosphere.

Red Lion, Whitehall
Red Lion at Whitehall
Zig Zag and Bobble, pub part owned by Milk Street Brewery and these are good Milk Street Brewery ales. Milk Street are investing in starting up new community pubs.

Old Stillage, Redfield
Run by a local brewer, Arbor Ales, who took over three years ago. CAMRA discount for members. Nelson Sauvin (very hoppy almost like cannabis: these are NZ hops) and a caramels Bush Craft. Got pints and pork pies in this pub to keep us going. Most atmospheric pub so far

Lazy Dog, Ashley Hill
Lazy Dog, Ashley Down failed under previous ownership (Enterprise Inns). 3-4 years ago moved into free house under new hands, and a great success. CAMRA lobbied at the time to avoid a restrictive covenant that would preclude the building operating as a pub after it was sold.
Hill Climb and Butty Bach Wye Valley

Star & Dove, Totterdown
Star and Dove: was the Cumberland. Reopened 3 years ago, then closed for a while a year ago. One urartians anniversary of reopening. Fullers ESB and Flowers IPA, and some olives. Lovely light pub. Used to be a dirty hole, apparently, and has been completely transformed. Being discussed for the 2014 good beer guide.

The Phoenix, St Judes
Closed 3 years ago, was occupied by squatters for a year. Opened a year it two ago.
Butcombe Gold for both of us as the Honey Beer had reached the bottom of the barrel.

Volunteer, St Judes
Tottypot and Celt Silures in the Volunteer. Celt Silurian has been the best beer of the day—beautifully balanced. The Volunteer is very central and not well known. Been through bad times and Martin in runs it has put a lot of effort to reopen it a few months ago. Another pub that gives CAMRA discounts. Then both had an extra half of Silures.

Bag o’Nails, Hotwells
Luke at the Bag o’Nails in Hotwells. Aiming to be the best real ale pub in Bristol. Pacific IPA (Dawkins) was lovely. Devilfish Devil Best ok. Russian Imperial Porter (RIP) Teignworthy Brewery 13% was a bit of an experience, clearly aged in peated whisky casks. Lovely and very dark and rich. Glad I only had a sip.

Three Tuns, Hotwells
Three Tuns, Motueka (like the Nelson Sauvingnon at the Old Stillage) and the By Zeus! from Arbor Ales. Great beers from Arbor Ales today, recommended as a top brewer in Bristol and not afraid of using hops.  Bristol CAMRA pub of the year 2012.

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More photos here:

New Playbook

A colleague at work evangelised so much about the Blackberry Playbook that I’ve given it a go. It is a slick piece of hardware and the size is great for travelling. No mobile broadband but it connects well to my work Blackberry and I’m only likely to tavel with the Playbook for work, rather than ‘play’ although that might change if I come to love it.

This helps me break my Apple tie in. if I bought an iPad I’d be hooked for ages into apple. The Playbook also only cost £170. What I’m not going to get is a big app universe. Android apps can be run on the Playbook and that works okay. I’m writing this on the WordPress app, which is good.


Tweets this Week (2012-04-15)

  • Up surprisingly early after a rare night clubbing: entitled the cycle ride back to Southwark on Boris Bikes. #
  • All settled into Oakhampton YHA, had dinner and a couple of pints in town. 10 guys do far for the ODL weekend in Dartmoor. #
  • Just completed a 21.46 km hike with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper #
  • Oh dear! Bad beer! (I'm at Kings Arms) #
  • No trains from Oakhampton: brake failure #

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Tweets this Week (2012-04-08)

  • “@MikeyCbg: Arrived Gamlingay c. 6:30pm. 22 miles, 1 hr 32 mins. Hearty meal in The Cock.” Well done for day one! Hope today goes well #
  • Lovely Easter roast with my parents: soon off to see the Cherry Orchard (Chekov) at the Tobacco Factory. I wonder if Dad will stay awake. #
  • My parents making an exhibition of themselves at the Tobacco Factory #
  • Love it! “@MikeyCbg: Now south of the M4. Cream Egg power boost.” #

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Tweets this Week (2012-04-01)

  • Having a lovely meal in the garden while we can. #
  • Beautifully written #Kindle #
  • finished The Night Climbers of Cambridge by Whipplesnaith #Kindle #
  • 23 of the 29 cabinet ministers are millionaires—not healthy. #
  • Forgot my oyster card again! 🙁 #
  • That would have been a laugh: Catholic priest claims 'legitimate explanation' as gay porn images appear in presentation #
  • Gorgeous sunny weather in Hammersmith for the S&CA lunch: just like last year! #
  • Almost home. Fell asleep a few times—that's what daytime drinking does. Had a great S&CA Fitting Out Lunch at the Corinthian Sailing Club #

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