Finally built my chicken coop

I’ve been waiting for a free weekend with decent weather to build my chicken coop since I bought it in October. It was quite a bit easier to put together than I expected and sturdy: it takes Michael and I to move it.

Next task is to find a place to get my chickens. Annie Hall’s, where I bought the coop from,  has closed down. So let the chicken hunt begin.


Bristol Beer Festival (purely medicinal )

I’m recovering from a rather nasty cold, so what better place to come than the Bristol Beer Festival?

Loads of beers on offer:


Cairngorm Trade Winds, a lovely light floral pint to start. 4.3%
Bristol Beer Factory, Bitter Kiwi. Lovely hop flavours, heading towards orange. 5%
Tricky Cider (I had to try one eventually) 7/10 sweetness. Quite clean, but not impeccable-it’s a bit foosty and looks like healthy wee.

Acorn Blonde, from S Yorkshire. Nice enough light beer. 4.0%
Ilkley Siberia Rhubarb Saison. Cloudy, fuity lefe style. 5.9%
Bristol Collaboration, English IPA. Massive mouth-puckering uber hopiness. I wonder how long will take Michael to finish it? 6.8% [not that long :-)]
Coniston, No 9. As the guide said, “cognac and marzipan” . 8.5% barley wine.