Brittany for the Bank Holiday.

We’ve packed a lot in.

Met Mark and Ian for dinner in Plymouth on the way to catch the overnight ferry to Roscoff.  We had a good crossing in the Armorique, which is a bit strange in decor.


Armorique dropped us in Roscoff at 8am, and we spent the day exploring around L’Île de Batz, a 15 min ferry from Roscoff. Lovely lunch at the lighthouse creperie, and some breton cider to wash down our galettes. We were a couple of mins late for the ferry back, and so planned an hour of more cider drinking instead, but just managed to get onto the delayed departure. Had cider in Roscoff instead.




Lovely meal of oysters and mussels in the evening; I was excited to get my moules frites served with seaweed, and Michael equally pleased to get his with apple and calvados. We had a calvados in the hotel lounge watching the great sunset close to 10pm.



Walked about 11 miles on Sunday. Explored Roscoff Town following historic plaques. Finding the plaques was more effort than the walking.

This led, naturally, to a creperie for lunch. I had mine with rose d’Roscoff onion and a breton sausage.

Afternoon, in glorious sunshine. It wasn’t as far as it looked and the views from the point were worth the effort.

Winkles, whelks and prawns for me in the evening, followed by choucroute de la mer: lots of lovely seafood but had hoped the choucroute would be seaweed based. Still lovely though. Michael’s fish soup and trio of fishes also good.

Today we took the bus to Brest and walked a route on the historic city plan. Not as glamorous as Roscoff and still a big navy base. Will see if there are any Querelle characters in the town tonight.