Rocky Night in Fowey

Broken Clouds, 15°C

(50.3346645, -4.6349115)

Rocky night in Fowey

There was a bit of a swell last night that was not uncomfortable, but brought out all sorts of noises from Saffron. About 3 in the morning a fast boat went past and set up a rhythm that continued for ages as it bounced off the narrow banks. I had to get up to sort out the clanking kettle on the stove, and noticed a gassy smell. I knew I had closed the valve on the gas bottle, and the gas alarm hadn’t sounded, but I still couldn’t get the thought of gas in the bilges off my mind. In the morning it turned out the be the mince for tonight’s chilli turning rotten in the ‘fridge’. That was easily sorted, but not very pleasant.

Our plans for the day are that we need to leave our mooring before 13:00, to take F3-4 NW winds back towards Falmouth. If we stay longer we’ll end up motoring back and that would be a pity after motoring out here too. Planning to get started about 11:30, sail up the river a bit and then leave again on the last of the webb tide. All timed to gat past Dodman Point again.

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