Truro and out

Few Clouds, 18°C

59 Alexandra Road

Truro and out

We set off about 7:30 under motor, to cruise the rest of the way to Truro at high tide. The river meanders around and is well buoyed. The minimum depth under the keel in the channel was 1m, so we were fine, but aware of sand banks all around us, some stretching across most of the river (including the great-named Maggoty Bank) . Getting grounded at high tide would be uncomfortable and maybe costly!

Truro itself wasn’t great when we arrived at the dockside: next to a Tesco with a busy road running by. It was great though to make our way up the narrowing river to get there. Then turn around,a nd come back with the start of the ebb. We ended up just before lunch back on the Trysail berth where we picked Saffron up, and learned that we could get her for the night. We motored for 15 hours, cover about 94 miles in the week according to my GPS. We used about 20 l of fuel, at least that’s what the lovely man on the fuel pontoon put in for us.

Quick lunch of left-overs on board, showers, and the headed out to the National Maritime Museum for the afternoon. Good glass-walled section to look underwater at the sea – saw limpets and barnacles on the glass and the rasping pattern that the limpets made eating the algae off the glass. Also good olympic racing yachts, and a thorough viking exhibition.

Ate a good cream tea at Dolly’s which was a stylish place for tea, and we avoided the teapots of cocktails!

Wander around town, and Michael bought a nice Musto top in the sale. Then on to CAMRA Good Bear Guide Pubs:

Drink the the Seven Stars which was a nice pub, draught Bass, but it was a bit of a daytime boozer – not the nicest setting. Then dinner in the Boat House, which Tony and Jason recommended, and the views were lovely as promised. Michael has a large and delicious plaice, and I had half a large lobster thermidor, which was also beautiful and lightly cooked, Washed down with some good local beer, Then onto s books hop pub in the centre of town, which was a nice concept, where Michael had a pint of strong beer to finish him off and I had a hoppy beer. Goof fun the book shop – managed to bag a Jackie Kay poetry book for £4 (most of the books were marked down).

We handed over the boat to Freya and Peter this morning: all well and I trust we’ll get our £1000 deposit back! We looked after the engine well, and returned the boat in good shape – were careful with everything that was on there. We never managed to dry out (the boat or us) which was shame, but probably a stress best avoided. Overall, very relaxing, slow-paced and beautiful scenery. The weather was variable: Cold at times, mist and foggy a few times, and gloriously sunny.I managed a couple of swims Helford Passage: which was colder than I expected.

Great holiday!

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