Picked up Saffron

Had our handover from Peter, the owner – all seems very ship-shape and Saffrom should do us nicely for the week. All the berths are 6ft or over, which is a relief. In fact the Westerley Consort is larger than we both anticipated. 

We had a change of plans and decided to spend the night on Peter’s bouy across the harbour on the Fal. That was a 20 min motor and explore of the harbour. We noticed as we approached the buoy that there was no cooling water coming through the exhaust, and indeed the engine was overheating. We took out the impellor, and the hose from the seacock, and all looked to be well. On reassembly it all worked – so a bit of a mystery, but it felt good to be able to service the engine.

We ate on baord, and washed the salmon, new potatoes and fresh peas down with some Picpoul de Pinet, which was great but a bit warm – the fridge on Saffron provides more of a gentle cool, than true refrigeration. 

We were up at 5am, as planned. Not too grumpy either, which was a shame because it was grey, raining gently and the visibility had changed. The expected Low came through earlier than forecast and we doubted that we would now make it to Fowey. We set off though, and gave it a go. The rain wasn’t too bad, but the wind was on the nose, 180° from last nights’ forecast. So once we rounded the headland and saw the progress we were making, we called it a day and headed for Helford. At least that had the wind behind us and we made about 3.6 knots on average over our day sail. We were also on a visitor buoy at Helford for 8:30! Not many day sails finish that early.
Went for a sleep for an hour, and the weather improved signifanctly so now sun shining, but some more rain forecast this afternoon. We’re planning to get the water taxi out to Helford Village once the tide rises a bit, and have lunch and explore.