Trendy seaweed rice snack


I seem to be getting through the seaweed snacks at the moment. I was getting worried that I’m a bit bizarre or have a strange thyroid problem, but I feel somewhat better now that I’ve found that Tesco sells KENDO trendy seaweed rice snacks. If Tesco sells Trendy seaweed snacks in Milton, then these must be fairly mainstream surely?

They were lovely! A bit oily, not seaweedy enough, but they were definitely well worth having again.

Atori Sushi Salmon

screen-capture.pngContinued my foray into new and interesting snacks with Atori Sushi Salmon. These are little snack sticks, flavoured like salmon sushi, with a bit of seaweed. What I wasn’t expecting was the fried fish flakes to be lumps of little silver dried fish. The first bit that popped out was a fish head. The fish head wasn’t very strongly flavoured and also wasn’t very appetizing looking either. Cute bird on the packet though.

Tao Kae Noi

Munching my way through a lovely packet of crispy japanese seaweed Tao Kae Noi. It’s quite tasty, but a little oily (9% palm oil in a thin seaweed sheet is quite a bit). The new seafood variety on the back of the packet looks good:

…comprising the freshness of prawn, squid and crab blended on every sheet of fresh crispy seaweed with superior taste…