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01/10/05    Mao - the unknown story; Jung Chang & John Halliday
27/06/05    Lighthousekeeping; Jeanette Winterson
30/05/05    Eleanor Rigby; Douglas Coupland
23/05/05    The last family in England; Matt Haig
04/04/05    Hitchiking to heaven; Lionel Blue
10/03/05    The Hobbit; J R R Tolkien
10/12/04    The secret life of Oscar Wilde; Neil McKenna
24/10/04    The Templars; Piers Paul Read
09/10/04    Life of Pi; Yann Martel
30/09/04    Raw spirit; Iain Banks
30/08/04    The curious incident of the dog in the night time; Mark Haddon
15/08/04    Nancy Clark's sports nutrition handbook; Nancy Clark
01/08/04    The mirror of love; Alan Moore and Jose Viltarubbia
31/07/04    The one; Paul Reed
08/07/04    Cock and bull; Will Self
04/07/04    Eats, shoots and leaves; Lynne Truss
07/06/04    Venus as a boy; Luke Sutherland
02/06/04    Hey Nostradamus; Douglas Coupland
27/05/04    Winter birds; Jim Grimsley
21/05/04    The pursemonger of fugu; Greg Kramer
09/05/04    The snow garden; Christopher Rice
26/03/04    The man in the high castle; Philip K Dick
26/03/04    Message from the colonel; David Spencer
20/03/04    Heart monitor training for the compleat idiot; John J. Parker, Jr.
28/02/04    Do not pass go; Tim Moore
15/01/04    The twelve Ceasars; Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus
31/12/03    Talking cock; Richard Herring
26/12/03    Onyx; Felice Picano
22/12/03    The song of Hiawatha; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
15/12/03    The boy; Germain Greer
27/10/03    Querelle of Brest; Jean Genet
27/09/03    Paragliding-The complete course; Noel Whittall
13/09/03    The science of cooking; Peter Barham
02/09/03    A short history of nearly everything; Bill Bryson
02/09/03    My loose thread; Dennis Cooper
xx/08/03    The homosexual kings of England; Allan J. Miller
31/07/03    All families are psychotic; Douglas Coupland
03/07/03    Shakespear's sonnets; Katherine Duncan Jones, ed.
29/06/03    Alice through the lookinglass; Lewis Carroll
22/06/03    Alice's adventures in Wonderland; Lewis Carroll
22/05/03    The amber spyglass; Philip Pullman
25/04/03    The subtle knife; Philip Pullman
16/04/03    Northern lights; Philip Pullman
08/04/03    NoLogo; Naomi Klein
16/03/03    The portrait of Mr W.H.; Oscar Wilde
17/02/03    Microserfs; Douglas Coupland
18/01/03    The vagina monologues; Eva Ensler
12/01/03    At swim, two boys; Jamie O'Neill
26/12/02    Thinkskin; Emma Forrest
23/12/02    Sheepshagger; Niall Griffiths
20/12/02    Atonement; Ian McEwan
26/11/02    An introduction to English poetry; James Fenton
14/11/02    The Gay Times book of short stories; The next wave; P.P. Hartnett, Ed.
20/10/02    Diary of a madman and other stories; Gogol
10/10/02    Tales from Ovid; Ted Hughes
06/09/02    A density of souls; Christopher Rice
08/08/02    Prospero's cell; Lawrence Durrell
13/07/02    The well of loneliness; Marguerite Radcliffe-Hall
09/06/02    The great Gatsby; F. Scott Fitzgerald
09/05/02    Dream boy; Jim Grimsley
04/05/02    Flat; Mark McDonald
17/03/02    Wildlife ; Richard Ford
30/01/02    Three men in a boat; Jerome K Jerome
25/12/01    Lanzarote cactus garden - A gardener's notes; Guillermo B. Perdomo Perdomo
26/12/01    The Greek myths;Robert Graves
08/12/01    Breakfast at Tiffanys; Truman Capote
06/12/01    Five pubs, two bars and a nightclub;John Williams
??/11/01    Songs of innocence and of experience; William Blake
??/11/01    Streetcar named desire; Tennessee Williams
07/10/01    Enduring love; Ian McEwan
11/09/01    American psycho; Brett Easton Ellis
11/08/01    Ghostwritten; David Mitchell
03/07/01    Blott on the landscape; Tom Sharpe
24/06/01    Porterhouse blue; Tom Sharpe
17/06/01    Robert Burns; Gabriel Setoun
29/03/01    Rough music; Patrick Gale
29/01/01    The bell jar; Sylvia Plath
04/01/01    War boy; Kief Hillsbery
18/12/00    Les liaisons dangereuses; Choderlos de Laclos
04/12/00    Captain Corelli's mandolin; Louis de Bernieres
16/08/00    The prime of Miss Jean Brodie; Muriel Spark
08/08/00    Vanity fierce; Graeme Aitkin
24/06/00    Guide; Dennis Cooper
15/06/00    The potted guide to theology; Tony Gray and Steve English
19/05/00    Miss Wyoming; Douglas Coupland
16/05/00    Armistead Maupin; Patrick Gale
22/04/00    Molecules at an exhibition; John Elmsley
17/03/00    Loosing Alice; Noel Virtue
27/02/00    Inversions; Ian M Banks
20/02/00    Worms eat my garbage; Mary Appelhof
16/01/00    The tesseract; Alex Garland
14/01/00    Restraint of beasts; Magnus Mills
01/01/00    Amsterdam; Ian McEwan
26/09/99    The spell; Alan Hollinghurst
15/08/99    Demon; John Varley
06/08/99    Wizard; John Varley
25/07/99    Titan; John Varley
11/07/99    Girlfriend in a coma; Douglas Coupland
08/07/99    The story of Britain, A people's history; Roy Strong
12/06/99    Moab is my washpot; Stephen Fry
21/05/99    Brave new world; Aldous Huxley
09/05/99    The little prince; Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
02/05/99    The odyssey; Homer (translated Robert Fagles)
16/03/99    The Kenneth Williams diaries; Russel Davies, ed.
07/01/99    Nymphomation; Jeff Noon
24/12/98    The confessions of Aubrey Beardsley; Donald S Olson
02/12/98    The golden bough; J G Frazer
29/11/98    Son of the tree; Jack Vance
25/11/98    The languages of Pao; Jack Vance
21/09/98    Visual C++; Gregg Perry & Jim Ross
13/07/98    Like people in history; Felice Picano
03/07/98    Mr Clive and Mr Page; Neil Bartlett
30/06/98    Excession; Ian Banks
23/06/98    Pink; Gus Van Sant
16/03/98    The gods of the Greeks; Carl Kerényi
25/01/98    The compassion protocol; Hervé Guibert
09/01/98    Behind the scenes at the museum; Kate Atkinson
03/01/98    Grimus; Salman Rushdi
29/12/97    Granta 43: Best of young British novelists, 2; Bill Buford, ed.
20/12/97    Making history; Stephen Fry
01/12/97    Classic American short stories; Douglas Grant, ed.
07/10/97    Automated Alice; Jeff Noon
05/09/97    The mindmap book; Tony Buzan
22/08/97    Rhialto the marvellous; Jack Vance
11/08/97    Cugel's saga; Jack Vance
26/07/97    The eyes of the overworld; Jack Vance
22/07/97    The dying earth; Jack Vance
16/07/97    A clockwork orange; Anthony Burgess
22/06/97    PWA; Oscar Moore
07/06/97    The uplift war; David Brin
19/05/97    Startide rising; David Brin
06/05/97    Sundiver; David Brin
25/04/97    Last orders; Graham Swift
02/04/97    The Faber book of science; John Carey, ed.
14/02/97    The pollinators of Eden; John Boyd
06/02/97    The rakehells of heaven; John Boyd
27/01/97    The last starship from earth; John Boyd
22/01/97    Breaking the surface; Greg Louganis
07/01/97    Ecstasy; Irvine Welsh
27/12/96    Shampoo planet; Douglas Coupland
26/12/96    Bored of the rings; Harvard Lampoon
08/12/96    Porterhouse blue; Tom Sharpe
05/12/96    Against a dark background; Iain M Banks
02/11/96    Heart of the world; H Rider Haggard
21/10/96    A tale of the ragged mountains; Edgar Alan Poe
14/10/96    Hello darling are you working?; Rupert Everett
27/09/96    The long dark tea-time of the soul; Douglas Adams
07/09/96    Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency; Douglas Adams
08/08/96    Dune messiah; Frank Herbert
25/07/96    Dune; Frank Herbert
03/07/96    The facts of life; Patrick Gale
25/06/96    Querelle of Brest; Jean Genet
08/06/96    Jack the modernist; Robert Gluck
06/06/96    Jane Eyre; Charlotte Brontë
16/04/96    Dubliners; James Joyce
30/03/96    Fire down below; William Golding
17/03/96    Close quarters; William Golding
21/02/96    Rites of passage; William Golding?
??/01/96    Feersum enjiin; Ian Banks
??/12/95    Gormenghast; Mervyn Peak
15/11/95    The outsider; Albert Camus
05/11/95    Throy; Jack Vance
??/10/95    The satyricon; Petronius
12/09/95    Life after God; Douglas Coupland
06/08/95    Marabou stork nightmares; Irvine Welsh
13/08/95    An artist of the floating world; Kazuo Ishiguro
??/07/95    Intimate voices; Tom Leonard
20/07/95    Maurice; E.M. Forster
02/07/95    Generation X; Douglas Coupland
26/05/95    Pollen; Jeff Noon
15/04/95    Steel beach; John Varley
??/03/95    The duration of a kiss; Peter Wells
??/02/95    The man who fell to earth; Walter Trevis
24/12/94    Blue heaven; Joe Kennan
21/12/94    The swimming pool library; Alan Hollinghurst
20/12/94    Soul music; Terry Pratchett
23/11/94    Witches abroad; Terry Pratchett
13/11/94    Frisk; Dennis Cooper
21/10/94    The five gold bands; Jack Vance
18/10/94    The wasp factory; Iain Banks
19/09/94    Wrong; Dennis Cooper
11/08/94    Canal dreams; Ian Banks
26/07/94    The acid house; Irvine Welsh
08/07/94    The buddha of suburbia; Hanif Kureishi
05/07/94    Wuthering heights; Emily Brontë
01/07/94    Good bones; Margaret Atwood
24/06/94    Small gods; Terry Pratchett
21/06/94    Vurt; Jeff Noon
13/06/94    The catcher in the rye; J.D. Salinger
11/06/94    Trainspotting; Irvine Welsh
02/06/94    Trick or treat; Richie Tankersley
01/06/94    The folding star; Alan Hollinghurst
25/05/94    Closer; Dennis Cooper
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